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Cashmere and wool blended hot-drilled triangular shawl


SIZE:140*200CM/202GMaterial:90% wool + 10% cashmere..

Cashmere Gold Frame Scarf Shawl


SIZE:68*190CM/150GMaterial:100% cashmere..

Cashmere herringbone scarf


SIZE:33*190CM/120GMaterial:100% pure cashmere..

Cashmere Knitted Large Shawl with Heterochromatic Edge


SIZE:65*190CM/165GMaterial:100% pure cashmere..

Cashmere knitted Plaid shawl


SIZE:65*186CM/145GMaterial:100% cashmere..

Cashmere knitted plain shawl



Cashmere knitted twisted diamond shawl


SIZE:57*195CM/246GMaterial:100% cashmere..

Color Warm Shawl


SIZE:192*65CM/218GMaterial:100% pure cashmere..

Houndstooth Soft Shawl


SIZE:50*184CM+5*2CM/225GMaterial:100% cashmere..

Knit Diagonal Cashmere Shawl


SIZE:66*180CM/190GMaterial:100% cashmere..

Lamb wool Kiwi shawl


SIZE:60*200CM/270GMaterial:100% lamb wool..

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